Combined Type Elevated Cat Bowl

£60 £30



  • Perfect match - You can get one bowl and one dish from a single order. This set of raised cat dishes can be used separately or stacked up to make feeding more comfortable for your cat.
  • Cat-friendly - The wide opening and shallow base design of the whisker-friendly cat bowl reduces the rubbing of whiskers. Its smooth curved inner wall prevents the cat food from being spilled over. Its steady base prevents the elevated cat bowl from sliding or being knocked over. Your cats can enjoy their meals without any worries.
  • Safe material - Made from preferred lead-free ceramic, this ceramic elevated cat bowls is specially designed for the healthy feeding of your cat.
  • Easy use - This food bowl for cats is dishwasher and microwave–safe–designed for super easy use.
  • High capacity - This ceramic cat food bowl comes in a large size of 6.8 oz volume—it is perfect for dry and wet food.


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