Dreamies Cat Treats Chicken 350g pack of two

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  • All it takes is a shake - Just shake the tub and see your cat come running for the irresistible taste and texture of Dreamies Cat Treats, a reward to bring out the best side of your furry best friend
  • Enhance all the playful moments you share with your feline friend with these dual-texture biscuits that have an enticingly crunchy outside and a soft inside that cats go crazy for
  • These tasty treats are packed full of yummy things cats love and even contain vitamins and minerals, so you can be as happy to give them as your cat is to receive them
  • This mega tub contains 350 g of snack pockets bursting with a delicious chicken crunch and at just 2 calories per treat, your cat can enjoy up to 20 pieces per day or 6 pieces per day for your kitten
  • Items Delivered: 2 x 350 g tub of Dreamies cat snacks, these pockets of cat snacks come in 7 delicious varieties including Chicken, Beef, Duck, Salmon, Cheese, Turkey and Tuna flavor


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